SoLoNox Technology

Solar Turbines introduced SoLoNOx™ in 1992 as a low emissions option for the company's gas turbines rated at 3.5 MW and above. Solar®gas turbines with SoLoNOx use lean-premixed combustion technology to ensure uniform air/fuel mixture and to prevent formation of regulated pollutants. Our customers worldwide have ordered or installed over 2400 gas turbines equipped with SoLoNOx for a number of reasons:

Unrivaled Experience
We have more than 95,000,000 operating hours with SoLoNOx technology and have saved an estimated 3,300,000 tons of NOx emissions since introduction.

Fuel Options
Both natural gas and dual fuel (diesel #2/distillate or natural gas) optionsare available.

Low Emissions
Solar gas turbines with SoLoNOx are designed to meet most exhaust emission regulations throughout the world during operation at 50-100% engine load across all ambient temperatures above -18degC (0degF).

Cost Effectiveness
Dry, lean-premixed combustion technology means gas turbines with SoLoNOx generally do not require post-combustion clean-up devices to meet emissions requirements.

High Performance
Gas turbines equipped with SoLoNOx provide the same power and heat rate as equivalent engine models with conventional combustion technology.