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New Graduate Manufacturing Engineering Program

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New Graduate Design Engineering Position Description

The Design Engineer Rotation Program provides the foundation for the future success of Solar Turbines engineers and the future success of the organization. The purpose of the program is to start the development and training of the next generation of highly capable and highly competent engineers through a 27 month engineering rotation program.

Program Goals:

  • Begin building technical foundation
  • Challenging assignments
  • Create broad exposure to Solar Turbines (other functions)
  • Develop enterprise perspective
  • Provide exposure to Senior Leadership
  • Begin network building
  • Build pride and engagement

Rotations:The rotations are designed to provide a broad exposure to Solar Turbines, provide real job experience and offer networking opportunities. Rotation assignments vary for each individual and are mutually decided upon between management and the employee.  Work assignments can range from finite element analysis of a turbine blade to developing an engine test plan to customer support (foreign and domestic). Each program consists of:

  • Four (4) Six-month Rotations in departments such as:
    - Mechanical Design
    - Mechanical Design Methods
    - Combustion
    - Heat Transfer
    - Compressor Aero
    - Turbine Aero
    - Processes - Development Test
    - Customer Services
    - Performance
    - Overhaul (DeSoto)
    - Component Manufacturing (Turbotec)
  • One (1) Three-month Rotation gaining hands on experience building and testing gas turbines.

Once the rotation program is nearing the end, management works with the engineer to identify which department they want to join permanently.

Coaching and Career Development:While participating in the program, all engineers report directly to the Director of Engineering. Meetings are held once a rotation and will be used to review current rotational progress, plan upcoming rotations, and discuss long term career planning.

When the engineer begins working in a new department they will be assigned a technical mentor.   This individual will assign projects, monitor progress, and discuss future opportunities in their department with the new engineer.

Eligibility Requirements: This position is for individuals that have recently completed their bachelors or masters degrees in Mechanical Engineering. This position requires a technical knowledge of mechanical engineering fundamentals, previous internship or work experience, a high energy level, sense of urgency, strong written and verbal communication skills, good business/technical judgment, and the ability to handle multiple priorities for a variety of tasks.

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New Graduate Manufacturing Engineering Program
The New Graduate Rotational Manufacturing Engineering program was created with the intent of Developing New Graduate Engineers to help sustain Solar’s Manufacturing Engineering organization well into the future.  Solar has designed a development program that allows the New Grad engineers to work in, and be exposed to several different Gas Turbine manufacturing environments.  The New Grad will be assigned a Manufacturing Business Unit and Mentor upon their arrival.  The mentor will help develop a learning plan that when complete, will provide  the experience necessary to become a full time, Charter Part, Manufacturing Engineer.  This learning plan will include an 18-month assignment with rotations through four different Manufacturing Business Units.  At the completion of the 18-month assignment and rotation, candidates will be assigned a home business unit, where they will work as a full time, Charter Part, Manufacturing Engineer for a minimum of 18 months.  Some of the Mfg. Business Units that may be involved in a typical rotation are listed below:

  • Turbine Rotor Manufacturing
  • Turbine Compressor Manufacturing
  • Turbine Assembly Manufacturing
  • Turbine Assembly Test
  • Injector Manufacturing
  • Combustor Manufacturing
  • Airfoil Manufacturing
  • Complex Machining & Assembly of Small Turbine Components
  • Complex Machining & Assembly of Large Turbine Components
  • Experimental Response Manufacturing
  • Experimental Development Manufacturing
  • Tool Manufacturing
  • Tool Design
  • Development Engine Test & Build
  • NC Programming
  • Gas Compressor Manufacturing
  • Overhaul Manufacturing (TurboTec Facility)

This position involves working with various Manufacturing/Design Engineers, Shop Operations personnel, Tool Design and CadCam groups to develop and execute cost effective, stable manufacturing processes that support a safe and quality conscience work environment.

A working knowledge of basic manufacturing engineering practices, tooling concepts, problem solving skills and computer skills for component manufacturing is desired. This position requires technical knowledge of manufacturing process planning, a high energy level and sense of urgency, strong verbal and written communication skills, good business / technical judgment, and the ability to handle multiple priorities for a variety of tasks.

Solar will provide employee training for the following:

  • ProE CAD for Manufacturing
  • Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing
  • Baan ERP System
  • PDM Link Data Management
  • SFIS (Shop Floor Instructions) Planning system

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