The Ceramic industry requires typically high amount of power and heat in forms of hot air which makes the gas turbine based cogeneration (or CHP: Combined Heat and Power) the obvious solution for a cleaner, more efficient Ceramic Industry.



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Ceramic Industry

The best way to improve the efficiency of a Ceramic Atomizer is to connect a Gas Turbine.

The exhaust of gas turbines perfectly fit Ceramic Atomizers needs by bringing high quantity heat into the drying process to significantly increase the overall process efficiency.

Several factors drive the installation of Gas Turbines in a Ceramic Factory:

  • Ceramic manufacturing needs large quantities of electricity and hot air
  • Gas turbine cogeneration is a logical way to maximize the production cost savings by reducing the overall gas consumption and electricity cost
  • The usage of gas turbine’s exhaust air in the Atomizer is further enhancing the productivity
  • Great environmental benefit


Ceramic Industry: Installation in Brazil
Ceramic Industry: Installation in Brazil

A Gas Turbine connected to an Atomizer increases the Global process efficiency from 27-32% to 75-90% providing saving on electrical and fuel costs, improving speed and quality of the raw material production.

Cogeneration in ceramic application provides simultaneous and independent generation of power and heat adequate to Customers needs, with high reliability & availability and a significant emission reduction.

In several applications an additional benefit comes from selling energy to the electrical grid and with the possibility to apply for certificates and carbon credits.

The integration of Gas Turbine exhaust air into the Spry Dryer drying process is technically proven and well known. Solar experience is unrivalled having more than 100 units connected to Atomizers in several manufacturing sites of the main Ceramic Group Leaders.

Solar gas turbines range from 2 to 22MW, which is a perfect fit for most of the Ceramic Factories due to the typical Heat to Power ratio.

Solar can provide a detailed and tailor made feasibility study for each type of ceramic application.

As a solution provider Solar Turbines can provide the Gas Turbine package to the cogeneration/CHP plant and even project financing, when needed. Contact us and we’ll evaluate the cost savings you can achieve with Solar Turbines solutions.


Ceramic Industry: Installation in Spain
Ceramic Industry: Installation in Spain

This unique solution is a combination of the performances of Solar gas Turbines solutions (electrical power, efficiency and availability) and the unrivalled experience of Solar Turbines and its partners which enables both high energy savings and undisturbed production.

Contact us and we’ll evaluate for you the cost savings you can achieve with Solar Turbines solutions.


Superior Reliability and Availability

The Solar Turbines packages are renowned for their superior reliability and availability backed by a knowledgeable local field presence (50 field service offices worldwide) and a unique Equipment Health Management System (EHM), which is a proactive, technology-based service powered by state of the art InSight Platform™ technology.



Global Ceramic Products, Alberto Bidi: +41 91 851 17 85,