Landfill gas can be used in Solar® gas turbines in the following applications:

  • Simple Cycle
  • Combined Cycle
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Many of Solar's landfill applications operate in simple cycle mode, meaning that the turbine's exhaust heat is not utilized.  Most landfills do not have a use for the waste heat and operate in simple cycle.

To enjoy the highest efficiency, operate a Solar gas turbine in combined heat and power mode.  Instead of emitting heat created as a by-product of electricity generation into the environment, capture the turbine's exhaust energy for use in industrial heating purposes, either very close to the plant or in a decentralized location.  This is a form of recycling and clearly the most efficient use of biogas fuels, as system efficiencies can rise to 70% or higher. 

A third option is to operate in combined cycle mode.  In this design, the gas turbine's waste heat is used to make steam that then drives a steam turbine generator.  For applications that require only electricity generation, this is the most efficient way to accomplish that goal. It is a form of recycling and clearly the most sustainable option.

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