Project Experience

  • Starting as far back as 1981, Solar Turbines initiated our support of renewable fuels, committing research and development resources and modifying our turbines to burn these low-energy fuels cleanly and efficiently. Solar Turbines first modified a gas turbine for landfill operation in 1982, when a Centaur® simple cycle gas turbine was placed in operation in a California landfill.  That turbine continues to operate today - nearly 30 years later.  Over the years, customers have overwhelmingly chosen Solar®gas turbines when it comes to using gas turbines in landfill applications.  Experience has shown the trust our customers have in us as together we have recorded millions of hours of reliable, low-cost operation with a fleet of more than 80 gas turbines firing landfill gas.
  • Gas emitted from decomposing garbage is a reliable and renewable fuel option.  Utilizing a Solar gas turbine in your project creates a number of direct and indirect environmental benefits:
  • Reduces Local Air Pollution
  • Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Generates Electricity
  • Landfill and Digester Gas Projects Create Jobs
  • Utilizes Renewable Resource
  • High Quality Exhaust Heat Stream can be Used in Other Processes
  • Makes a Good Neighbor, as it is Sound Attenuated

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