Solar Energy Storage



Smart Solution for Energy Optimization

When you need a reliable energy storage solution, Solar Turbines is the perfect choice. Our energy storage solution is backed by our world-class Customer Services organization, providing the highest quality experience from your initial inquiry throughout your equipment’s useful life.


Program Manager Solar Energy Storage, Daniel Fingleton: +1 858 715 1003,

Complete System Solution

Solar offers a complete system solution with an integrated fire detection and suppression system and a 2 x 100% HVAC system for a wide ambient range. Plug and play design features are incorporated throughout, minimizing installation and commissioning time. The package is fully tested prior to shipment and supported by Solar’s Customer Service organization offering a wide range of product support options.


Easy to Install and Commission

The package is assembled and tested at Solar’s California facility. It’s shipped with the batteries installed, limiting site assembly requirements. Installation is easy with only two 3-phase connections required. Total commissioning time is expected to be less than two days.