Certified Service Parts

Specifying genuine Solar® certified parts for your gas turbine equipment assures the lowest cost of ownership, providing the reliable performance you expect. Only genuine Solar certified parts are designed, manufactured, tested and guaranteed to meet Solar's stringent standards for aerodynamic performance, mechanical integrity, material properties and quality. 

Your equipment reliability is our number one priority, which is why our certified parts program includes:

  • 24-hour parts distribution network
  • Global availability, technical support and installation
  • Priority delivery systems and services
  • Selective online parts/inventory management processes
  • Guaranteed quality assurance standards throughout our design, manufacturing, and testing processes

Why risk early performance degradation, equipment damage or shutdowns that may result from substituting non-qualified or "reverse-engineered" parts? 

The right service parts are just a simple phone call or keystroke away. 


Phone: (780) 464-8900

Email: T3_STC_Operations@solarturbines.com


Phone: (800) 765-2750

Email: domesticparts@solarturbines.com


Phone: 52 2299897911

Email: T3_Service_Parts_Mexico@solarturbines.com

South America

Phone: (713) 895-1408


Phone: 65 68287024 or 68287020

Email: SG_Parts@solarturbines.com


Phone: 61 3 97306820

Email: servicepartsaustralia@solarturbines.com

Northern, Western, Eastern Europe & Central Asia

Phone: +32 71 95 95 92

Email: solar_parts_n@solarturbines.com

Russia, Belarus & Kazakhstan

Phone: +7 (495) 213 33 73 ex. 3618

Email: solar_parts_moscow@solarturbines.com

Southern Europe & Africa (except Nigeria)

Phone: +32 71 95 95 94

Email: solar_parts_s@solarturbines.com


Phone: +234 84 93 3007

Email: solar_parts_nigeria@solarturbines.com

Middle East

Phone: +971 (4) 8168 306

Email: solar_parts_me@solarturbines.com