Gas Turbine Overhaul

Solar Turbines provides overhaul support for its entire gas turbine product line. We offer more than 40 years of overhaul experience with more than 25,000 overhauls to date.

Solar has manufactured more than 500 product configurations designed to operate in every type of environment. Based on the complexity and number of configurations Solar, as the OEM, is the only company capable of supporting this diverse product mix. In selecting Solar as the complete solution provider for your overhaul requirements, you are selecting the resources of the world's leading gas turbine manufacturer complete with overhaul expertise gained over the past 40 years.

At Solar, we consider overhauls part of our core business and, unlike other companies who claim similar expertise, we have continued to focus on and grow our core competencies in this area without diluting resources in other non-related product areas.

When selecting Solar for your next overhaul, you take advantage of Solar's worldwide support available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Solar's overhaul operations is committed to maintaining our position as your complete solution provider of choice by continuing to develop, enhance and deliver world-class overhaul services.

Solar Turbines Engine Exchange Program