Engine Uprates

To enhance the power and efficiency of your turbomachinery system, take advantage of Solar's engine uprate program the next time you overhaul your
Solar ® gas turbine.

Depending on your gas turbine, it is possible to increase power by as much as 20% and heat rate by 5%. Fuel consumption and efficiency can also be improved by uprating your engine with Solar's latest technologies. SoLoNOx™, Solar's dry low emissions combustion system, is one of the latest technologies available that is capable of reducing NOx emission levels, thereby maintaining a cleaner environment. Ultimately, these uprate advantages translate into additional dollars to your bottom line.

Solar's uprate technology involves a variety of material and configuration changes engineered to achieve higher performance while enhancing reliability, availability, maintainability, durability and safety. As the OEM solution provider, Solar is uniquely positioned to determine whether modifications to driven equipment and other turbine package systems are required in addition to engine modifications.

An engineering review and analysis is provided on every package for which a power uprate is offered. This ensures that there are no hidden risks associated with increasing the power output in an existing drive train. When you obtain a power uprate from Solar, you are acquiring a completely engineered solution complete with an equipment performance guarantee.