Exchange Engines

At Solar, we value your business and are committed to providing high quality total support. One exceptional element of our comprehensive support programs is our Exchange Fleet. This program provides greater flexibility when evaluating your overhaul needs.

In order to be the complete solution provider and ensure the quality of support for more than 11,000 Solar® turbomachinery packages installed worldwide, Solar maintains inventory in our Exchange Fleet valued at more than $100,000,000. With over 500 different engine configurations to support, only Solar as the OEM has the capacity to provide for every possible requirement.

Solar delivers over 650 exchange engines every year, so when you accept an exchange engine from Solar you know you are getting a quality product from a company with the ability to support all your needs. We don''t cut corners or make excuses - "we deliver."

With your original purchase, Solar promised to provide quality support programs - the exchange fleet is one of the many ways that we make good on this promise. We are committed to continuing this support throughout the life of your equipment. You can rely on Solar to support you whether your needs are emergency or routine.

The Exchange Fleet: A Commitment to Total Customer Support

In locations throughout the world, Solar's maintains an extensive Exchange Fleet including gas producers, accessory gearboxes, reduction gearboxes and power turbines. The Exchange Program is available for all models including:

  • Saturn 10
  • Saturn 20
  • Centaur 40
  • Centaur 50
  • Mercury 50
  • Taurus 60
  • Taurus 70
  • Mars 90
  • Mars 100
  • Titan 130

To plan for a scheduled overhaul by exchange, Solar requires 60 days notice in order to ensure the correct equipment configuration is available when and where you need it. If you have an emergency requirement, however, an exchange engine can be shipped immediately, or within 48 hours of the request, from anywhere in the world where we have the required equipment. This is the level of support our customers demand and expect - and Solar, as the OEM solution provider, can deliver.