Types of Overhaul

Major Overhaul
A major overhaul includes complete disassembly, inspection, remanufacture, durability upgrades, assembly and test per OEM standards - guaranteed to meet our latest product specifications.

Custom Scope Overhauls
A custom scope overhaul is a customer-involved overhaul that guarantees mechanical integrity with flexible options tailored to meet your special needs. All work carries Solar's warranty agreement.

Customized Repair Programs
Equipment repairs are performed when a full overhaul is not required to address specific product operational problems. As with all other overhaul services, Solar warranties all work carried out under this program.

Engine Tests
Full-load testing is available for all products. This testing enables customers to verify the integrity of their equipment before it is shipped to the site. Such critical characteristics as mechanical integrity, heat rate and output power performance, emissions and vibration measurements are recorded and certified test reports provided with each unit.