Package System Upgrades

As part of the complete OEM solution, Solar offers retrofit kits developed to upgrade your turbine, compressor, mechanical-drive or generator package sub-system. Particularly when planned at time of overhaul or maintenance intervention, kit-driven retrofits provide a fast, efficient, and cost-effective mechanism to revitalize and enhance your Solar turbine package.

Designed to improve package performance and efficiency, a retrofit kit can be used to rework any mechanical and electrical/controls systems and components of existing packages.

Sales Order Specific
Sales order specific retrofit kits are designed to meet special site or customer requirements and are tailored to a particular package. The kits can be installed by a Solar Field Service Representative or the customer.

Standard retrofit kits are developed to serve Solar's product line of gas turbines. These kits refer to a specific product line and are available "off-the-shelf" or with minor modifications which minimizes engineering design and development time. This results in a more cost-effective process and quicker kit delivery.

Every retrofit kit includes the following documentation:

  • Parts list
  • Installation instructions
  • General and functional description
  • Component description and maintenance
  • Calibration and set-up instructions
  • Recommended service parts list

Solar provides an extensive line of standard retrofit kits for the entire Solar® gas turbine product line, including:

Direct-drive AC electric motor turbine start system

  • Hilliard pneumatic turbine start system
  • Pneumatic-to-electrohydraulic turbine start system
  • Electrohydraulic-to-pneumatic turbine start system
  • SoLoNOx™ gas fuel system upgrade
  • PECC electronic fuel control valve
  • CCC electronic fuel control valve
  • PECC high force fuel control valve
  • Mars® bleed valve high force electronic actuator
  • Combustor fuel drain valve retrofit
  • Governor retrofit
  • Bently-Nevada 5000 to 3300 vibration monitoring
  • Engine on-line cleaning system
  • Water quality monitor kit
  • Import/export control kit retrofit
  • Compressor discharge gas temperature monitoring system
  • NOx monitoring system
  • Wet-to-dry drive coupling replacement
  • Seal oil system upgrade
  • Servo system relief valve replacement
  • Model 74 oil tank ventilation kit
  • Pump water injection replacement
  • Liquid fuel pump retrofit kit
  • Accumulator retrofit kit

In order to fully support Solar® gas turbine worldwide installations, Solar has designed an extensive list of field tools available for customers to purchase in support of their maintenance needs. A quotation for any field tool can be provided as required.

For more information about Solar's Retrofit Kits, contact Solar's field office nearest you.