PRU Package and Turbotronic Control Systems Features and Function



This course is specifically designed for Solar Package Refurbishment and Upgrade (PRU) customers who have some existing knowledge and experience of Solar turbo-machinery packages. The course is will primarily support PRU projects comprising an upgrade to the Turbotronic 4 or 5 Control System and associated equipment upgrades (fuel valves, actuators, fire system, vibration system, etc).

Students should have experience of operating and maintaining Solar turbo-machinery packages prior to the package upgrade project.        
5 days

Since typical PRU customers will have some experience of the Solar package and control system, they may not require the two-week training program that normally accompanies a new package installation. This course will close the gap between what they know already, and the new components and systems installed as part of the PRU project. The end goal is for the students to have the required knowledge to operate and maintain the package in its new configuration.

The course can been divided into two sections:
Module 1 – Package Systems Overview – 2 days
It is assumed that the students have a thorough working knowledge of the turbo-machinery package and sub-systems. We will recap the purpose, function and operational sequences of each of the sub-systems, and draw particular attention to any changes made to system or component installation or function as part of the PRU project.
List of lessons:
  • General Package Description
  • Engine
  • Start System
  • Lube System
  • Fuel System
  • Generator or Compressor
  • Seal System (CS only)
  • Control System
  • Operating Procedures
Module 2 – Turbotronic Control System Features and Function – 3 days
Lessons have been extracted from the Turbotronic 4 and 5 Control System Operations training course. Some lessons have been omitted based on the students’ assumed prior knowledge and experience of previous versions of Solar’s control systems. In addition, some student exercises have been retained, but abbreviated. Most of the omitted material is available as an appendix, to provide flexibility in the course delivery.
List of lessons:
  • Introduction to Software Apps
  • Offline Program Monitoring
  • Logix Project Familiarization
  • Turbotronic Program Architecture
  • Hardware / Software Interface
  • Troibleshooting Methods
  • Online Functions
  • Appendix – Boolean Logic
  • Appendix – Ladder Logic and the Basic Instruction Set
On completion of this course, the student will be able to:
Module 1 – Package Systems Overview
  • State the purpose of the package and each of the package subsystems
  • List and describe the major components in the package and package subsystems
  • Describe the operational sequences of the package subsystems
  • List and describe the impact of the PRU project on each of the package subsystems
Module 2 – TT4 Control System Features and Function
  • Describe the purpose and function of the Turbotronic 4 or Turbotronic 5 Control System, and the major components that comprise the system
  • List the purposes of the various software applications and tools in a Solar project
  • Describe the layout and conventions of a Solar project in RSLogix 5000
  • Demonstrate the ability to connect and communicate with the Controller
  • Describe the control system features and indications that can assist in basic troubleshooting
  • Demonstrate the ability to access a Turbotronic 4 or Turbotronic 5 project online for monitoring and troubleshooting purposes

The course includes a combination of instructor-led discussions, demonstrations and audiovisual illustrations to effect optimal transfer of information. The student workbook is used as a reference and study guide for the student. The instructor may provide additional materials, such as system schematics, drawings, and illustrations to augment and reinforce the concepts related in the classroom, and to provide PRU project specific information.

Module 2 includes some use of Field Programming Units (FPU’s) and Turbotronic 4 or Turbotronic 5 Control System Simulators.