Turbotronic 3 (PLC-5) Applied Principles

This course is designed for the technician / engineer who will be required to evaluate Turbotronic 3 Control System performance and to isolate and correct system faults.
Participants must have attended the following course, or have equivalent field experience:
  • Solar Turbines Operation and Routine Maintenance
This course presents techniques for effectively using technical materials and programming tools to collect and analyze system data, and provides hands-on training in applying remedial procedures to correct errant system operation. The student will gain experience with the equipment and processes for accessing and manipulating the Turbotronic 3 PLC programming software, resident PLC operating software, and associated control system elements. Programming Terminals with a sample Turbotronic 3 project will be provided. A Turbotronic 3 simulator will be available to perform the online functions.
Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:
  • Describe the hardware used in a Solar Turbotronic 3 control system
  • Describe the software used in a Solar Turbotronic 3 control system
  • Relate physical package devices to software elements
  • Establish communications between a programming terminal and the PLC
  • Monitor a make simple edits to a project online
  • Interpret commonly accessed logic files in a typical Solar project
Students receive a set of comprehensive workbooks and a full set of electrical schematic drawings. These materials are designed for classroom use and for reference purposes on the job.