Turbotronic 4 (RSLogix) Control System Operations





Package Operators and Maintenance Technicians



Participants must have attended the following course, or have equivalent field experience:

  • Solar Turbines Operation and Routine Maintenance



This course is designed for package operators or maintenance technicians who are required to perform basic first line control system tasks with minimal guidance from Solar field service. The course will cover the knowledge and skills required to help maintain the package in a serviceable state under several scenarios, including:

  • Reloading the control system program following a component replacement or system malfunction (for example, a Controller memory loss due to a long term power outage)
  • Loading a revised control system program that may have been received from Solar
  • Restoring ControlNet communications after loading a program, or in the event of a system or components malfunction
  • Modifying Tunable Program Constants
  • The use of the control system indications for basic troubleshooting (for example, the use of module channel LED’s to verify inputs and outputs)

The course comprises a combination of theoretical presentations and instructor demonstrations, followed by hands-on exercises using programming terminals and control system simulators. Manipulation of the logic is not covered in this course.



On completion of this course the student will be able to:

  • Describe the purpose and function of the TT4 Control System, and the major components that comprise the system
  • List the purposes of the various software applications and tools in a Solar Turbotronic 4 project
  • Demonstrate the ability to distribute TT4 project software to a programming terminal
  • Demonstrate the ability to configure communications drivers in RSLinx
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate with the Controller on a TT4 project
  • Demonstrate the ability to download TT4 project software to the Controller
  • Demonstrate the ability to configure the control system network using RSNetworx
  • Describe the use of Program Constants and the method used to modify tunable constants
  • Describe the control system features and indications that can assist in basic troubleshooting