•  Reduces Local Air Pollution
  •  Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  •  Utilizes Renewable Resource
  •  Provides High Quality Exhaust Heat for Processes
  •  Sustainable Power
  •  Low Criteria Emissions
  •  Turns Waste Gas Into Electricity for Self-use or Resale
  •  Qualifies for Renewable Energy Subsidies
  •  High Power Density/small Footprint
  •  5-10% Power Output Increase Over Natural Gas Operation
  •  Flexible Heat to Power Ratio With Ductfired HRSG
  •  Broad Range of Power Module Blocks
  •  Packaged System Reduces Construction Costs
  •  High Reliability and Availability
  •  Low Operational Cost
  •  Lower Maintenance Costs Over Alternative Technologies 
  •  Able to Tolerate Swings in Fuel Quality
  •  Sound Attenuated Package Makes for a Good Neighbor

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